Friday, 14 March 2014

hello new...

hello lovely readers

it's been a while, how've you been?

i have been enjoying life with little Max, i am both excited and sad that my maternity leave is nearly over, but it will be nice to enjoy both worlds for the first time.

i will be back to business (part time) on the 7th April, bringing with me some lovely newie-newness!

i am introducing printed greetings cards, and limited prints, so you can enjoy the design without having to get a commission, perfect for those of you who are convinced you will destroy a paper cut by looking at it!

also, over the next few months i will be getting a fancy new website, which i am mega excited about. thanks to Andrew who works over at Creative Intent, my online presence should all make a bit more sense!

i will keep you updated, if you don't already please feel free to follow my Facebook or Twitter page to find out what's happening.

i am currently (during nap times) trying to work my way through the heck load of emails that have piled up. if you are waiting, my apologies, i am hoping most of you have had babies... if not please try; feeding a distracted bird, bathing your cat, constantly entertaining a needy puppy, carrying around a wriggling bowling ball that cries if you put it down, and washing for a football team that play everyday, all whilst trying to appear sane and relatively groomed on 5 hours sleep a night... for seven months :) thank you.
(please don't be put off, it is the best kind of crazy)