Monday, 29 October 2012

my project with Homemaker magazine!

hello nice people! i hope you are enjoying the season change?

i can now finally tell you all about a project i have been working on with the beautiful new magazine Homemaker.

"Homemaker is a brand new print magazine full of creative ideas for your home. With projects, interiors, baking and more, there's something for everyone seeking a beautiful living space. Expert tips, top buys and up-and-coming designers will keep readers up to date with the latest trends, and there's plenty of gorgeous photography for creative inspiration, too"

Homemaker and CliQQ Photography visited me at my studio to take some photos, we spent a lovely morning drinking tea and looking through my old scrapbooks!
i worked with the magazine to create a christmas card project, giving you a step by step guide, along with templates, allowing you to make three paper cut christmas cards i designed. 
here are the christmas card designs you could make...

they also commissioned me to make them a Homemaker calendar, which gives you creative ideas of seasonal crafty things to do each month, from spring cleaning to making christmas stockings! 

you can buy this laser cut calendar from my etsy shop for just £15!

Homemaker is now available to buy, so why not try it out? 

The Homemaker magazine image and quote are from the Homemaker website.

All the professional looking photos were taken by the wonderful people at CliQQ Photography.

The last two close ups are my own photos.

Friday, 26 October 2012

helter skelter first wedding anniversary paper cut gift...

this was a piece i was commissioned to make by a husband of one year looking to give his new wife a special gift for their first wedding anniversary. he asked to set it in a garden with a fete scene, including sunflowers, roses, large chess pieces and the cartoon vulture that had been featured on their invites and was a bit of a private joke...

fun in Northumberland...

hello there.
apologies for being rather quiet on the blog front recently. i nipped off to Northumberland for a little autumn/rainy/walky/family/eat-good-food/drink-a-fair-bit-of-wine type holiday. i walked 18 miles in one day. i know.
anyway here is some photo evidence for you...

(in Northumberland it was generally always raining somewhere, you can see it falling on the horizon to the right)

(thankfully it was also sunny, you can see it thanks to the vapours from the sea) 

(this is me and my brother trying to jump for the photo in front of dunsborough castle) 

(on the way home there was a beautiful cat travelling on the train) 

as you can see i had lots of fun with instagram whilst i was away, if you would like to see more you can visit my tumblr page...

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

personalised heart shaped paper cut gift...

these are some gifts i made for my... step-sisters-in-law for their birthdays. they are little a5 heart cuts, personalised with names, which will hopefully remind them of a lovely summers evening well into the winter months...

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

non, je ne regrette rien... heart shaped paper cut.

hello, this is an a5 heart shaped paper cut i made especially for my stylish aunt for her birthday. i tried to include a few of her favourite things, i thought champagne, candles and coffee would cover it, along with a nice quote. making/buying gifts for people who have Pinterest is such a beautiful thing!

just in case you fancy a peek, here is a link to my Aunties Pinterest.

and if you are feeling really nosey here is a link to mine!