Friday, 26 October 2012

fun in Northumberland...

hello there.
apologies for being rather quiet on the blog front recently. i nipped off to Northumberland for a little autumn/rainy/walky/family/eat-good-food/drink-a-fair-bit-of-wine type holiday. i walked 18 miles in one day. i know.
anyway here is some photo evidence for you...

(in Northumberland it was generally always raining somewhere, you can see it falling on the horizon to the right)

(thankfully it was also sunny, you can see it thanks to the vapours from the sea) 

(this is me and my brother trying to jump for the photo in front of dunsborough castle) 

(on the way home there was a beautiful cat travelling on the train) 

as you can see i had lots of fun with instagram whilst i was away, if you would like to see more you can visit my tumblr page...

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