Tuesday, 6 January 2015

BE IN LOVE WITH YOUR LIFE paper cut commission...

This was an incredibly difficult, but very special commission.

A lovely lady contacted me, as a group of friends wanted to cheer up another friend who was ill. They gave me a fantastically long list of the many things she loved, and the wonderful quote which instantly struck a chord with me.

However, I soon came to realise that the cut wasn't just for the friend, but for her young family to cherish in the future. When drawing the initial design, I received the devastating news that their friend had passed away. Whilst I was so shaken by how unfair this was for her family and friends, everything in the piece was so full of life, I had to see it as a celebration of such a happy life.

I have never worked on anything so important before. I wanted to bring some sort of joy to the family, even if it couldn't now, then maybe when it was looked at in the future.

This was such a humbling reminder for me, that life can be so fleeting, we shouldn't take anything for granted, especially those wonderful people we have around us. So please, be in love with your life, every minute of it.

 If you would like to discuss a commission please email me at emma@emma-daniels.co.uk 

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