Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Eiffel Tower valentine paper cut...

here's a cut out i recently made that i can now show you..

it was commissioned by a doting boyfriend to share a private joke, and give a lovely gift to his valentine. this is my most intricate cut yet, the Eiffel Tower took an hour to cut...


  1. Hi , I found your post by googling "Eiffel tower paper cutting " , I am working on a project and i need the pattern for the Eiffel tower, and yours is the one that is the closest to what i had in mind, So can you please tell me where did you get it from ? Than'x
    By the way , i think that this is an amazing idea for a gift :)

  2. Hi Sarah thank you for your interest i'm glad you like it!

    I can happily tell you that I didn't work from a pattern, i drew it by hand. I think drawing it yourself makes it extra personal, and different to any other, you should try it, it's easy once you get the scale right!