Friday, 10 May 2013

i am in bloom, and it is blooming very quickly!

so this is happening!

i have decided to stop work in July in order to organise myself and try to rest (without feeling guilty about it)... also by then i'm not sure if i'll be able to reach my cutting mat!

therefore i will have to stop accepting commissions as of early June in order to get everything done in time. so if you are thinking of getting a commission for this year, please get in contact before June to avoid disappointment! i will of course make last calls and let it be known if i have any spaces or sudden bursts of energy (ha!). After this i will start taking commissions again in the new year!

over my leave, once i learn the art of multi tasking with a baby, i will be reading and replying to emails as usual (but probably not as quickly), so please get in touch if you have questions, i also still have a back catalog of commissions i will be posting to this blog, so you don't forget what a paper cut is.

however my main source of contact with the outside world will be my personal blog paper & pasta, where i will try to share what i learn about becoming an actual parent and will use as a place to put the inevitable baby photos without my other social medias becoming too 'wallet in the face'y...
described perfectly here, thanks family guy...

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  1. congrats is this your first? :) Joy (fellow paper cutter) x