Sunday, 27 January 2013

a big thank you & lots of nice photos of 2012...


i know.. i've been very quiet over the last few months, i was bombarded with lots of work, lots of seasonal stress, lots of people to see, and a few brand new exciting projects which i will tell you all about soon.

but first of all i would like to say thank you...

thank you to 2012 for treating me exceptionally well, my tiny start up business left his caterpillar stages and has now become a little butterfly which can finally buy me some food!

thank you to everyone who has made that possible, from the people who sent me a friendly email telling me they like my work, which helps me stay at my desk a little longer. the people who like, follow, share, and mention me to their friends, allowing me to reach out to more people than i did the day before. and especially to the lovely people that ordered commissions, i get to know each one when discussing exactly what they want, and i can happily say, i haven't had a grumpy one yet, and i am thankful for everyone of you!!

so goodbye 2012, you were bloody awesome...
                                                                                                         .... a look back using my Instagrams.

my collaged calendar
studio in the sunshine
valentines cards
trying to communicate what a 'papercut' is
a very exciting package from the wordsmith Thom Haley
studio living
a romantic valentine cut
squidge using me to see high up places
a mild obsession with Draw Something
making the most of the countryside
making peg people!
ducks finally returning to the old feeding spot
beautiful trip to Ireland
a studio rearrangement!
pasta making with luke
home made pasta- wow did it taste good!
stall at clutter city
retro fun at Vintage Vinyl Night by Fairweather Vintage
little Rigby surviving the cat attack
developing a healthy obsession for Downton Abbey
and for building dens
buying myself a beautiful new lamp
a cosy bonfire night
a halloween party at the wonderful Miss Crouch's house
lots of walking in Northumberland
designing the poster for Suffolk Craft Society's christmas exhibition
visiting Winter Wonderland with mum
keeping warm
making the most of winter nights
and frosty mornings at my studio
the christmas tree thankfully not getting destroyed by the cats
and to top it all off, Carla put a massive sparkler in the turkey, well why the hell not??
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  1. Aww Emma! So much happens in a year! Thumbs up to you for reflecting on it in this visual way. I might grab a spare minute tonight and have a try! My memory is generally useless.

    Anyway, lovely pictures, speak soon! <3

  2. Thank you i'm glad you liked it!
    I know me too, my memory is awful, i am so glad Instagram stays in date order!
    Oh do it i'd love to see it!